Companies House Fee Increases

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Companies House Fee Increases

by | Feb 22, 2024

Upon introduction of the Economic Crime and Corporate Transparency bill, it was announced that Companies House would be increasing their fees, to help recoup the cost incurred by implementing measures in the Economic Crime and Corporate Transparency Act.

The fee increases will take effect from 1st May 2024, and will affect all Companies House services. We have included a list of current fees for the most popular services compared to the planned increases, with some being 4x the current fee.

Companies House Service Current Pricing Updated Pricing
Online Paper Online Paper
Incorporation £10 £40 £50 £71
Same day Incorporation £30 N/A £78 N/A
Confirmation Statement £13 £40 £34 £62
Change of Name £8 £10 £20 £30
Same Day change of name £30 N/A £83 N/A
Registration of a charge £15 £23 £15 £24
Voluntary Strike Off £8 £10 £33 £44
Administrative Restoration N/A £100 N/A £468
Incorporation of an LLP £10 £40 £50 £71
Same day incorporation of an LLP £30 N/A £78 N/A
LLP Confirmation Statement £13 £40 £34 £62
LLP Change of name £8 £10 £20 £30
Same Day LLP change of name £30 N/A £83 N/A
LLP Voluntary Strike Off £8 £10 £33 £44
LLP Administrative Restoration N/A £100 N/A £468
Registration of an Overseas Entity £100 N/A £234 N/A
Update fee £120 N/A £234 N/A
Application for removal £400 N/A £706 N/A

There are additional increases planned for re-registration, reduction of share capital and making an application to make an address unavailable for public inspection. All companies will be subject to these increases, regardless of structure or size.

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For a full list of the revised pricing, visit the Government website here.

Currently, the UK is one of the cheapest places to register a company so the hope is that these fee increases will deter individuals from registering fraudulent companies.

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Some social media users have expressed their shock at the increases and concern for the future of small businesses. In response, Companies House have stated that the increases will ‘fund ongoing operations and new activities related to the measures in the Economic Crime and Corporate Transparency Act’.

For information on other Companies House plans over the coming years, read our Companies House reform update.

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