Ready Made

See our list of ready-made companies. If you wish to benefit from an incorporation date before today, you can buy one of the vintage companies now. Alternatively, we can register one in your preferred name today — click here
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Company Name Registration Number Registered In Incorporation Date
QLP Markets Ltd 13893539 England & Wales 04/02/2022
The Modern Influence Ltd 13989517 England & Wales 19/03/2022
Open World Ltd 14034464 England & Wales 08/04/2022
RTL Management Ltd 14101111 England & Wales 11/05/2022
123 Improvements Ltd 14120717 England & Wales 20/05/2022
Beginner’s Luck Ltd 14129782 England & Wales 25/05/2022
Darway Limited 14159430 England & Wales 08/06/2022
Dial Connect Ltd 14164775 England & Wales 10/06/2022
The Art Assembly Ltd 14186825 England & Wales 17/06/2022
Steplow Ltd 14180267 England & Wales 21/06/2022
No.1 Recruitment Ltd 14194370 England & Wales 24/06/2022
Nexus Operations Ltd 14198567 England & Wales 27/06/2022
Aldane Limited 14220056 England & Wales 07/07/2022
Finance Check Ltd 14221637 England & Wales 07/07/2022
Golden Opportunity Limited 14231168 England & Wales 13/07/2022
BusinessMate Ltd 14297505 England & Wales 15/08/2022
Eastern Electrics Ltd 14342614 England & Wales 07/09/2022
MARTKEEN LTD 14380226 England & Wales 27/09/2022
Security Management Team Ltd 14385555 England & Wales 29/09/2022
Planet Watch Ltd 14400977 England & Wales 05/10/2022
Liverpool Plumbing Limited 14474782 England & Wales 10/11/2022
Cloud Storage Ltd 14490018 England & Wales 17/11/2022
Real Estate Management (REM) Ltd 14542294 England & Wales 15/12/2022
Longton Landscaping Ltd 14553554 England & Wales 21/12/2022
EF Imports Ltd 14589210 England & Wales 12/01/2023
Malpro Limited 15035873 England & Wales 28/07/2023
Silver Age Solutions Ltd 15322490 England & Wales 01/12/2023
Phontec Ltd 15326583 England & Wales 04/12/2023
Orotava Designs Ltd 15426821 England & Wales 19/01/2024
JLG Construction Ltd 15442840 England & Wales 25/01/2024
Dex Carpentry Ltd 15466632 England & Wales 05/02/2024

Prices from £100 plus VAT

What happens after buying the Ready Made Company

  • We will email you a form for you to complete and provide us with the names of your directors, secretary, shareholders, registered office etc.;
  • Once you provide the details, we will change the registered office and make the relevant appointments and resign our director;
  • We will transfer the shares to your shareholders;
  • We will send you electronic copies of the Certificate of Incorporation and Memorandum and Articles of Association;
  • The original company documents will be posted to you;
  • Should you wish the name of the Company to be changed to your preferred company name, we will do this for you at an additional cost of £50.00;
  • If you require all the details to be updated at Companies House, we will file an interim confirmation statement at an additional cost of £30.00.

What our customers say

“I registered my new business with 1st Choice Incorporations. They are one of many online that provide this service, but I found them to be the best and easiest to deal with”


“No hassle, very professional in their approach and pleasant communication.”


“I want to express my appreciation for your assistance in helping me to set up my company and then a business bank account with Barclays. Very smooth process.”