Issue of Shares

Increase the number of shares within your company.

£100 +VAT

You may wish to create a new share class to bring new shareholders into the company without reducing your own shares. Share classes can also be created to vary the voting rights, dividend entitlement and entitlement to capital on winding up for new shareholders.

You can create extra classes when you are sure they are needed since all issued shares will need to be allocated to someone.

To get started:

  1. Select our issues of shares services and checkout.
  2. Provide our team with the required information.
  3. Electronic copies of your documents will be emailed to you for signature.
  4. If you have purchased a confirmation statement too, we will update your shareholdings at Companies House.
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Frequently Asked Questions!

When can share classes be issued?

You can create new shares at any time, there are no restrictions on how often this can be done or how many shares can be created. As shares will need to be allotted once created, you should create these when needed.

What types of shares can be created?

Most companies use one class of shares, commonly Ordinary shares. Other available share classes include:

  • Alphabet (i.e., A, B, C shares)
  • Preference

How long does the issue of shares take?

Once our team has the full details of the shares that you want creating and to whom they should be allocated, this will be completed the same working day, or the next working day if received outside of working hours.

What details are required?

  • Name of new shareholders
  • Number of shares for the new shareholders
  • Amount paid for the new issued shares

Are allotment and issue the same?

Issue of shares and allotment of shares may sound the same, but they differ slightly. Issue of shares is the process of creating new shares within the company whereas allotment of shares relates to these issued shares being allocated to a shareholder.