Register a UK Company from outside the UK

Limited Company Registration services for Directors and Shareholders based outside the UK.


A UK limited company can be registered, owned and operated outside the UK, regardless of where you live and the nature of your trade. The process is quick, inexpensive and can be organised remotely. This makes UK companies very accessible for international business. Included in our international registration package:
  • UK limited company registration with certification
  • Prestigious London or Cambridge registered office and business address in the UK
  • UK telephone number(s) as required
  • Dedicated support team based in the UK
  • Company compliance and maintenance support as required
  • UK Corporation Tax, VAT and accounting assistance as required
  • Company documents sent securely electronically or by courier
There is no need for anyone to visit the UK — our International registration service takes only a few hours, and can all be done online. You choose the name of your company, as long as it’s available and acceptable (we can help with this) – use our name checker on the home page to start. The company can have as many Directors and Shareholders as you like, regardless of where they live. As long as you have at least one person as a Director and Shareholder you can also have corporate Directors and Shareholders too. Upon completion of the registration, documentation will be produced, some sent via email then all hard copies sent by courier and your tracking number emailed to you.

Extend your UK presence with our Office Services

The Registered Office of the company has to be in the UK and be a physical address (not a PO Box). We will provide you with a Registered Office address in London or Cambridge plus Mail Forwarding services as required. We’ll then forward any mail received on to you securely. A UK telephone number for your business can be included, for which there is an additional monthly charge payable. The calls can be set to forward directly to a number of your choice anywhere in the world.* *some territorial restrictions apply

Tax, Accounts and Annual Compliance Obligations

Your company will have to register for and pay UK corporation tax on any profits it makes. Value-Added-Tax (VAT) also needs to be considered. Every year annual accounts need preparing and submitting to the Registrar at Companies House, and a Confirmation Statement (formerly ‘Annual Return’) for the company also needs filing. Working with our partners, you’ll have an accountant available to speak to at any time if you wish (you can use their service for a monthly fee). Your first Confirmation Statement will be prepared and submitted by us as part of the package, then every year thereafter if you so wish.

Business Bank Accounts (outside of the UK)

The company will have to have a business bank account to receive its UK income. You can choose which bank to open an account with, and it does not have to be with a UK bank.

Business Bank Account (in the UK)

The normal route to opening a Limited Company business account with a UK ‘High Street’ bank is available even if all of the Company Officers are outside the UK. Each would however need to come to the UK in person to meet with the UK bank and prove their ID. Some banks will not offer their services to companies with overseas-only Officers. Once an account is opened however it can then usually be operated remotely. There are more options if there is at least one Company Officer who lives in the UK — most ‘High Street’ banks are more welcoming of a UK/non-UK mix of Officers. All would still however have to visit and identify themselves at a branch of the bank in the UK. Open a Business Bank Account (outside the UK) As an alternative, if you need to open a Limited Company business bank account from outside the UK but cannot visit the UK, you will need legally certified documentation. These are usually referred to as Apostilled documents. Allowing your customers to pay with a credit or debit card: Take credit and debit cards over the phone, through your Company website or directly with the customers present using a payment terminal. For this you need two facilities: 1) a Merchant Account, and 2) a Card Payment Terminal (in person), Virtual Terminal (phone), or Payment Gateway (website) Also see:
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What we offer in our International Package
Limited company registration within 48 hours
Companies House fees included in our price
Digital Certificate of Incorporation
Digital Memorandum and Articles of Association
Digital Share Certificates
Help with getting started business starter pack
Email reminders to help meet your deadlines
Telephone support for first year with our expert team
Printed Certificate of Incorporation
Printed Memorandum and Articles of Association
Printed Share Certificates
Printed first minutes of incorporation
Confirmation statement for first year prepared and filed (premium package only)
VAT registration required above £85,000, or voluntary (premium package only)
Kept by our expert team, fully supported
Registered office
Directors service address for first year for 2 directors or officers
Business bank account referral to specialist team — fully supported
5 Star Customer Ratings

“Thank you for your introduction to a great Business Manager at NatWest. She probably had to jump through a few hoops but today confirmed that a new bank account had been opened. Thanks for an efficient service.”

Mrs J Nguen

What our customers say

5 Star Customer Ratings
“Good customer service. Nice and patient with questions I had. My business was registered and documentation received super fast.”


5 Star Customer Ratings
“No hassle, very professional in their approach and pleasant communication.”


5 Star Customer Ratings

“I want to express my appreciation for assistance in helping me to set up my company and then a business bank account with Barclays. Very smooth process.”