London Registered Office

Our premium London address is located at the heart of the financial district. Opt to use this to uphold your privacy and meet Companies House requirements for an appropriate address – £89 + VAT

What is a registered office?

A registered office address is a legal requirement for all companies and must be situated in the same territory of the UK that the company is registered. This address is where any correspondence for the company will be sent. For example, letters from Companies House, HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC). Official and legal documents will be served at this address.

Why choose a London address?

  • Prestigious address in the Canary Wharf area.
  • One of the most popular places to register a business.
  • London is considered a financial hub and business capital of Europe.
  • If you are local to London and want to keep your address private but remain geographically linked to the area.

What is included?

A registered office address in London with all statutory mail received, i.e. Companies House, HMRC, other government departments or agencies and the courts, scanned and emailed to you on the day of receipt.

Benefits of using a registered office

  • Protects your privacy as your personal address is not listed on Companies House.
  • Using a prestigious address in London helps boost the profile and image of your company.
  • No junk mail cluttering up your inbox or address.
  • Fulfils your legal obligation to have a registered office address in the jurisdiction your company is registered in.
London registered office

How can I register an office address in London?

  • To use our London registered office address, login or create an account to access our services. If necessary, you can import a company using the company number and authentication code.
  • Select the registered office address of your choosing.
  • Select whether you would like 1st Choice Incorporations to update the address with Companies House.
  • A member of our team will contact you to complete the necessary ID verification checks before you are permitted to use our address.

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Frequently Asked Questions!

Do I need a registered office address?

A registered office is required under Section 86 of the Companies Act 2006. A company cannot be registered without a registered office or with a registered office outside of the UK territory it was registered in.

Can I use this for company officers?

The registered office is for the company itself. For a service address for your company directors, secretary and Persons with Significant Control, check out our London service address here.

Will my post be forwarded to me?

All statutory posts received will be scanned and emailed to you. If you would like your post to be posted to your address, you may be interested in our Mail Forwarding service which will also allow you to receive non-statutory business letters.

Can I use this for a company registered in Scotland?

To use our London address as your registered office, your company must be registered within England and Wales.

Is the post stored?

Once you register for our service, we will contact you to discuss whether you would like the hard copies of your post to be stored for you, sent to you for storage or securely destroyed. Electronic copies will be maintained.

Looking for a registered office address outside London?

Check out our registered office address in Cambridge here.

Is a London registered office address worth it?

A London registered office can be a simple but effective tool to boost your company’s image by using an address from the business capital of the world. Having an address registered in London reassures customers and other businesses that the company has good trading prospects, increasing trust in the company and its directors.

What do I need to provide to use this service?

To use our address, we will require photographic ID and proof of residential address from all directors, beneficial owners, and if not already named, the person making the order. More information on AML checks can be found here here. If you cannot or choose not to provide valid ID, you will be unable to use our services.