Company restoration

Reinstate your dissolved company to the Companies House register.

£299 +VAT

What is company restoration?

Company restoration is the process of restoring a company to the register at Companies House, after it has been struck off. Restoring a company allows the company to use the same registration number as before, and company name, providing that it hasn’t been registered by anyone while the company was dissolved.

Why would someone want to restore a company?

A director may choose to restore a company for multiple reasons:

  • They want to use the company but forgot to file their confirmation statement or accounts.
  • Continue trading with the same company name and number as if the company was never struck off the register.
  • Reclaim assets, such as a bank account (providing the Crown does not object to the restoration application).
  • Changing their mind about dissolving the company.

A company may also be restored to the register after an application by a creditor of the company at the time of dissolution, or anyone with a potential legal claim against the company.

What is the company restoration procedure?

Here at 1st Choice Incorporations, we understand that the process of company restoration can be confusing. We are here to help you understand if you fit the criteria for restoration and prepare the full restoration application.

Should you wish to restore a company with 1st Choice Incorporations, please select our Restoration service. Our team will then:

Prepare the application for administrative restoration.

  • If the company was shut down due to a failure to uphold statutory filings, any unfiled documents will need to be submitted. In this case we will help you file your confirmation statement or, with the help of our accounting partners, help you file your annual accounts.
  • We will apply to the Treasury Solicitor for a waiver letter to complete the application to allow you to recover company assets and any monies left in the bank account.

Once all documents have been received and prepared, our team will submit the whole application to Companies House for you.

As soon as Companies House approves your application, your company will be restored to the register, and a letter of confirmation will be sent to the registered office address.

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Frequently Asked Questions!

What are the criteria for company restoration?

To be able to restore a company, you do need to meet certain criteria. These are:

  • You must have been either a director or a shareholder of the company.
  • The company must have been stuck off and dissolved within the last 6 years (except in the case of a personal injury claim).
  • The company must have been trading at the time of its dissolution.

How long does it take restore a dissolved company to the register?

The application for company restoration can only be sent via post, which takes longer for Companies House to process than online filings. Depending on the Companies House workload, this typically takes around 1 month.

What is the cost of restoring a company to the register?

Our fee to restore a company to the register is £250 + VAT. This includes the £100 Companies House fee for the application form. Please note, the price may vary if there are statutory filings that need to be completed.

If you have any outstanding fines because of failure to file your annual accounts with Companies House, these will need to paid according to the length of time that they were overdue when the company was dissolved.

What is the cost of restoring a company to the register?

Our fee to restore a company to the register is £250 + VAT. This includes the £100 Companies House fee for the application form. Please note, the price may vary if there are statutory filings that need to be completed.

Should I restore my company or make a new company?

To achieve any of the following, the only way is to restore your company:

  • Keep the same registration number.
  • Recover any business assets such as a bank account or property.
  • Carry on trading as if your company was never struck off.

Please bear in mind that if another company has registered with your company name, you will not be able to recover this name, and will need to choose another instead. Companies House will restore your company with the company number as the company name until you file to change it.

How long does restoration take?

Restoring a company can take approximately 1 month.

Can I restore my company?

If the company was struck off the register by Companies House, someone who was a director, or a shareholder of the company can apply within 6 years to restore the company. If your company was dissolved voluntarily, you can only restore it by court order.

What is a waiver letter?

A waiver letter is written consent from the Crown’s representative that the Crown has no objection to the application for administrative restoration.

Do I need a waiver letter?

You will need an administrative restoration waiver letter if you meet the following criteria:

  • The company was dissolved within the last six years.
  • The company was compulsorily struck off.
  • The company has assets in England and Wales and is registered within the Treasury Solicitor’s jurisdiction.

Can I register a company with the same name instead of restoring my company?

Yes, as long as no one else has registered a company with the same name, you can register a new company using the same name.

Can I recover assets without restoring the company?

If a company was trading and had assets such as an active bank account, these will be passed over to the Crown on dissolution. Restoration of the company is the only way to recover these funds.

Will people know my company was restored?

Yes, the Companies House register will maintain the previous records, including that the company was voluntarily or compulsorily dissolved, and that a restoration application was made.

What does ‘Bona Vacantia’ mean?

Bona Vacantia means vacant goods, and is the name given to ownerless property, which by law passes to the Crown. The application for a waiver letter is sent to the Bona Vacantia Division to confirm that the Crown does not object to administrative restoration.