Partnership with Mettle

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Partnership with Mettle

by | Oct 14, 2020

We are proud to announce our partnership with Mettle, the business account from NatWest that helps businesses start, run and grow.
For sole traders and limited companies with up to two owners, account features include:

  • Getting paid what you’re owed with smarter invoicing — manage your entire payment cycle, from creating an invoice to reconciliation.
  • Controlling your costs — schedule payments on the go. Whether it’s a one-off transfer or paying a supplier, you can manage recurring payments directly from Mettle’s app.
  • Simplifying your expenses — bookkeeping and day-to-day accounting made easier. Making better decisions — see an overview of your cash flow at any time. Mettle will show you what’s coming in and what’s going out, so you can monitor your spending and income.

Open your business account directly with Mettle here.

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