Shelf Companies

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Shelf Companies

by | May 31, 2022

A shelf company, also known as ready-made company, is an already registered company with no previous trading history. Many choose to purchase a shelf company to avoid the time taken to organise and file the paperwork for a newly registered company and it allows them to begin trading immediately. The historic incorporation date of a shelf company gives the impression that the company has been around longer, often boosting the confidence of customers and providing a better impression of the company.

Some people will steer away from starting a new company due to the naming process, complicated forms, and sometimes a long wait for the company to be registered. For these people, buying a shelf company is the easiest way to start a business quickly, saving time and effort.
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All our shelf companies are dormant companies since their incorporation dates and use SIC code 99999 therefore you don’t have to worry about their trading history or any liabilities. You will have the freedom to choose any name from the given list of shelf companies, available here. We can assist you throughout the process of purchasing a shelf company by updating the company details, including a company name change (at an additional cost) and providing referrals to other services, e.g., accountants, banks, if necessary. Our shelf companies start at £100.00 plus VAT.

Once you select the shelf company you would like to purchase, we will send you a form to complete the details of registered office, secretary, director, shareholder, and PSC. We will have your details updated immediately and your company will be ready to trade the same day. You will receive your incorporation documents via email and post.

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Non-UK resident directors are welcome to purchase our shelf companies, there are no restrictions on this. You are entitled to appoint directors located anywhere in the world and there are no rules stating that the majority of the share capital must be held with the UK. The process for non-UK resident directors is the same as UK resident directors.

If you wish to purchase a shelf company from us, feel free to review our available companies or contact us today.

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